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Obtain Your Social Security Disability Benefits

People who apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits often do so because they need the income to make ends meet. Unfortunately, the process for earning SSDI benefits is notorious for rejecting applications. Thankfully, you can get the help you need from a skilled legal team to complete the application process and fight a denied claim.

At the Law Offices of Gregory Beckwith, we offer clients throughout the Indianapolis metro the knowledge and guidance they need to pursue a favorable outcome in their SSDI case. We know what is at stake in these cases, and we are committed to helping our clients qualify for these benefits.

What Qualifies You For SSDI?

To put it simply, you need to meet the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) definition of disabled, either through physical or mental disability. The SSA considers a person disabled if they meet the following conditions:

  • Doctors expect your disability to last between 12 months and the rest of your life.
  • You are unable to hold the job you had before your condition.
  • You cannot perform other jobs because of your condition.

When a person has a physical disability like paralysis, it can be easier to prove your case, but for those with a mental disability, it can be more challenging. When a mental illness comes and goes, an independent physician can perform a mental consultative exam to help prove the mental disability for your claim.

Never assume that your claim is impossible or that you cannot win an appeal after a rejected application. Even if you have a low income and think you could not qualify for SSDI, we can help you seek Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits to get the support you need. We are passionate about making sure your voice is heard and take the time to review your unique situation to determine what is necessary to prove your condition to the SSA.

Our Experience Can Make The Difference

If you have recently become disabled or your SSDI application was denied, we can help you. Call 463-271-7760 or email our Indiana attorneys here to schedule your free consultation today. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can begin fighting for you, so do not wait another day to pick up the phone.