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Guidance For Seeking Supplemental Security Income Benefits

The Social Security Administration offers Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits to those who need it, but the process of applying and earning the benefit is notoriously difficult. In fact, the majority of initial applications end in denial, leaving many to wonder what they can do to secure the income they need and deserve.

At the Law Offices of Gregory Beckwith, we offer custom-tailored representation to clients in need of our legal services. Our lawyers know what it takes to secure SSI benefits in Indiana and are passionate about helping those who qualify for these benefits get them.

Who Is Eligible For SSI?

The qualifications for SSI benefits are different than Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. While SSDI benefits are for those who have a work history, the SSA grants SSI to those who have never been able to work, provided they meet the necessary income requirements. The amount of income from SSI depends on certain factors like:

  • Having less than $2,000 in cash ($3,000 if married)
  • The valuation of the applicant’s home which is separate from income considerations
  • The applicant’s car’s value cannot exceed more than $4,500

Even those who do qualify for SSI on paper, many still receive a denied application due to avoidable errors. Our decades of experience can help you complete your application to the fullest, maximizing your chances of receiving your benefits. If your application ends with a rejection, we can help you appeal the denial to continue your pursuit of necessary income.

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